How Dapp Developers Can Solve Blockchain Application Integration Issues

2 min readJun 10, 2021


Moonbeam is an innovative Substrate based smart contract platform. It is focused on working with Ethereum, and the main idea is the ability to integrate with several chains at the same time. Moonbeam is used by Dapp developers to create bridges for Dapps to interact with blockchains. Multiple interactions with blockchains are implied.

The project was implemented on Polkadot. This platform provides multiple integrations. The project team strives to create a toolkit for fast and simplified work of Dapp developers.


The existence of the project is intended to cover the demand for making apps that work with other users and assets on remote blockchains. Applications are powered by:

· Integration based on cross-chain interaction;

· Or internal compatibility with Polkadot.

Ethereum projects can simply replicate their dApps and deploy them to Moonbeam using popular deployment solutions. The approach like this makes it lesser the number of changes required to run existing Solidity smart contracts on the new network.

This approach improves workflows. Ethereum standards are maintained, but the platform account basis is changing. The implementation of the technology provides developers and users (coin owners) with a high level of security without additional solutions.

The creators of Moonbeam put the convenience of Dapp developers as the main goal, and they are ready to offer a number of useful solutions within the project.

· Fully compatible with Ethereum

The concept allows you to connect any existing Ethereum-based interfaces into a single interconnected system.

· Polkadot

Polkadot will help, for example, move tokens between users and the platform, as well as provide interoperability on other networks.

· Popular developer tools

Moonbeam team has done everything to help developers use the usual developer ecosystems, including Truffle, in a convenient way.

· Application of DeFi

Another simplification of life for developers. Here the possibility of using services based on Polkadot as building blocks of DeFi (DOT, aUSD, Laminar DEX, etc.) is implemented.

All of the above is just a small snapshot of the concept and capabilities of Moonbeam. However, even basic information provides a comprehensive understanding of the potential of this solution. Perhaps, soon the Dapp developers will reach a new level of implementation of their solutions due to the Moonbeam functionality.